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7 Muslim Fashion Labels You Should Know

Muslim Fashion is one of fashion’s fastest growing sectors. Let's take a look of 7 muslim fashion labels around the globe that you should know today.

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Muslim Fashion has turned into a buzzword recently and it’s one of fashion’s fastest growing sectors. By 2020, muslim fashion estimated to be worth a whooping $200 billion and it seems it will grow faster than before.

With the rise of social media, we no longer have boundaries to meet lots of independent modest fashion designers around the world. We are highlighting 7 muslim fashion labels around the globe that you should know today.

1. Haute Hijab

As an American who was born in Detroit, Melanie Elturk found it very difficult to find hijab she felt confident in. Because of that, Melanie Elturk start to runs her online label with her husband, Ahmed Zedan in 2010. She want muslimah who wear hijab will gain more self-confidence and take pride in their identities.  Years later, Haute Hijab has taken the United States market and currently expanding internationally.

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One of the keys to Haute Hijab’s success lies in its social media presence and Melanie Elturk’s personal touch with her business. The spirit of sisterhood makes Haute Hijab not just an online shop, but also a community. Elturk said that she knows many of her customers intimately even if she never met them in person. They also highlighting the inspiring women who contribute to the community and also a campaign called Hijabi of The Month.

2. Adlina Anis

Adlina Anis is certainly no stranger in the Singapore muslim fashion industry. In mid-2012, she founded an e-commerce store with her own name that stocks a beautiful collection of hijabs. 

She’s the brain behind Ninja Echo, the first earphone-friendly hijab. The Ninja Echo was inspired by her own interest in keeping fit while listening to music. She then design a hijab that allows the wearer to put on the earphones without any awkwardness.

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Adlina Anis also well-known with her series of instant and easy to wear hijab. She also never fails to upload tutorials in her Youtube, Facebook and Instagram so that her customers know how exactly to achieve that certain look for a particular scarf or shawl.

3. Ria Miranda

Ria Miranda, fashion designer from Indonesia who start her business in 2009 and still going strong until now. Her interested in muslim fashion because at the time she start her business it hadn't been developed like the way it is right now. She start her fashion label with her own name and started the trend of using pastel colours as a symbol of modesty. Now, her brand is highly recognized due to this use of pastel colors and become the core identity of the brand.

The reason behind pastel colors as her design theme is because these kind of colors always gives a calm and modest feeling. She want to present a polite and modest muslimah while looking beautiful in simple but elegant clothes.


INAYAH is a London based online brand that maintains a balance between modesty, style, practicality and comfort. Since launching in 2012, they design and create beautiful modest clothing, with a minimal and contemporary style.

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From abayas, to maxis, trousers and tops, INAYAH focus on simplicity with everyday wear collections that heavily inspired by modern minimalism.

5. Diana Kotb

As a muslim woman who wears the hijab, Diana Kotb find it’s not only was difficult to find modest clothing, but virtually impossible to find luxury designer modest wear. Diana Kotb spent her 4 years working at Australia’s number one fashion magazine, Marie Claire until she start family and having 2 beautiful girls. After that, her desire to launch her own label was increasing.

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Now, she produces modest dressing under her own label and well-known for sophisticated designs that carefully embellished for a modern yet modest look.


STYLED BY ZUBAIDAH started in February 2013 with Islamic jewelry and has now expanded into modest muslim dresses for women over the size of XL. Zubaidah Abdul-Hakim, founder and sole designer for STYLED BY ZUBAIDAH says that her product is designed for the Curvy Muslim Woman.

It’s always difficult for Muslim women with plus sizes 12 and larger to purchase clothing that fits her well, maintains her modesty, and still makes her feel unique and beautiful. Zubaidah Abdul-Hakim want all curvy women feel much love and appreciated.

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