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3 Things Why Vivy Yusof Is An Inspiration To Us All

Vivy Yusof who not only famous for being FashionValet co-founder but also famous for blogs and Instagram is an inspiration to many women out there. Here are 3 things why she is a true inspiration to us!

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Being a business woman, wife and mother to two children sounds really tough. But Vivy Yusof always seem to handle it all pretty well. Vivy Yusof not only famous for being FashionValet co-founder but also famous for blogs and Instagram is an inspiration to many women out there. Being one of FORBES 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2017, we surely can learn many things from Vivy Yusof. Here are 3 things why she is a true inspiration to us!

1. Courageous

Back in 2010, she co-founded FashionValet with her then-boyfriend-now-husband. Obviously the risk was high for both of them since online shopping in Malaysia was not yet a trend. But she was courageous enough to be a pioneer in online business when many other people were still unfamiliar about it. Vivy shows us that in terms of business, don’t be afraid if your idea is new and different.

As the face of the brand, Vivy Yusof does most of the marketing and PR for FashionValet and The dUCk Group. She believes personal branding through her blog and social media really help them in the early years of starting up FashionValet and never imagined that her blog could grow into the business like now. Beside the initial success, Vivy always aware of what and who is coming from competitors. To stay ahead of the game, she always innovate with her brand by doing more collaborations with designers, celebrities and proudly proclaiming #IAmHomeGrown on their campaign while doing the expansion to many other countries. Today, FashionValet is expanding at a rapid rate.

It’s a very fast moving industry so we constantly have to come up with something new. Customers are smart. They compare and read.

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2. Personality

Even before FashionValet, Vivy Yusof have already known in Malaysia through her blog with her witty personality. Currently she is one of Malaysia's top bloggers with over 1.4M followers on Instagram. She is someone who always try to be the best version of herself and doesn't believe in other people doing the marketing and PR for her company. She would prefer doing it by herself because there are no other person who knows the brand better than herself.

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“Don’t care what people say” – that’s the worst advice. I think the only way to improve and learn is to listen to criticism. You should care what people say because there might be some truth to it, something that you can improve on.

Being someone who seems always turn everything into a positive, she is known to be incredibly kind, humble and everything we aspire to be in terms of a wonderful personality. She never let insecurities doubt her choices in life and this is also happen when she decide to wear hijab. That’s one more reason why she got loyal fans and customer.

3. Family Above Everything Else

Juggling between work and family is never easy and that also happened to Vivy Yusof. For Vivy, family is everything especially after she married her co-founder Fadzarudin Anuar in 2012 and have two beautiful children, Daniel and Mariam. However successful she is right now with FashionValet and The dUCk Group, she keeps her marriage and love to her husband above everything else. Vivy ensures that she would always spend time with her kids in the morning and at night. She believes it’s all about quality and not quantity. Being mother to two children has taught her not to be selfish. Because family always come first and every decision making would revolve around them.

Being a mother also made her realise that many women are not as mobile or as free as they used to be. That’s why she start to give mummy incentives at FashionValet and having dedicated freezer milk for breastfeeding mothers who work in her company.

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Being successful doesn't always means you are unstoppable and passionate, there are people and family who keep you grounded and in touch with reality. The three things above are reason why Vivy Yusof is an inspiration to us all. Let’s all try applying all of them in our daily lives!

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