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5 Technology Skills All Women Should Master in 2018

Learning a new tech skill is never a bad idea. Here are 5 technology skills all women should master in 2018 so the average salary you’ll want to pay will stay competitive.

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As companies scramble to adapt to the modern workforce, they’re doing whatever they can to attract top talent. Specially those talent who understand technology as there is massive demand for this position. Technologies considered emerging over the last several years as companies start realising the full potential of digital marketing, artificial intelligence and many other things.

Learning a new tech skill is never a bad idea, either to further your own career or make yourself attractive to new employers. Even though the majority of young women don't consider a career in technology when starting out her career but there are certain skills and experience you should look for. Here are 5 technology skills all women should master in 2018 so the average salary you’ll want to pay will stay competitive.

1. Programming Knowledge

It’s important to possess technical skill in the digital landscape. Knowing basic HTML and CSS coding languages is an valuable skill to add to your resume. But try seeked-out most valuable development language such as Java, Python or C# that put you in a very desirable position with employers. Learning a coding language is a great supplementary skill for your career.

These programming languages are not only used to build applications but also to automate and many other things in digital landscape. You can get basic intro or even advance programming knowledge on intensive bootcamp.

2. Any Skills Related To Analytics

Simply having a bachelor's degree is no longer very impressive to potential employers. Since we’re moving into even more of a data-driven world that make it particularly challenging to expand your analytics capabilities. Data is big business, and being able to understand it and track it makes you an invaluable asset to any business. Machine learning and data analytics is the two skills that it’s going to be a game-changer in the near future.

If you’re unfamiliar with data, you can easily gain or improve your data analytics skills by taking an online course or even an intensive boot camp.

3. Social Media Literacy

No one can deny the power of social media as it is one of the most valuable tools to increase brand awareness and reach audiences. This is one of the main reason why  it’s important to not only understand how these tools work but also be able to use them effectively for business purposes. Beside knowing what type of visual content is the most effective on Instagram and knowing optimal times to post, you should also learn how to immediately reach millions of people with social media advertising.

From now, your social media activity should serve a concrete purpose beyond being a cure for boredom. This type of knowledge is something companies look for in digital marketers.

4. Excel Expertise

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Excel is one of the most user-friendly tools on the market that you should master in 2018. The level of expertise may vary from basic to advance but knowing how to use basic software like Microsoft Excel is critical to earning a living wage these days. Employers will be delighted to find job seekers who have proficiency with the following MS Office Excel skills. Candidates who can create complex macros to organize spreadsheet information are in particularly high demand.

5. Video Production

Video is the most effective type of visual content that significantly drive engagement with audiences for brands. For the past few years, there are many brands that using video content on social media platforms to boost brand awareness. Since many brands are focused on video production then you should at least have basic skills in this are. Video production, editing or even do animation is unique techniques that companies look for when comparing candidates. If you think video production still very far from you, you can try to get familiar with design software first. Try to set more creative mindset while learning a new skill.

There are 5 technology skills all women should master in 2018. But one of the most important characteristics of a tech star is the ability to adapt to new technologies since it’s almost impossible to predict what will happen six months from now. Someone who is constantly learning will be very successful in the future of this unpredictable field. By knowing your way around the tech now, you could be invaluable later in your career.

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