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This time I will describe about what is Rubiena, and what for the event showed. Take your time.

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Assalamualaikum Moeslemates...

Long time no see Moeslemates. I want to tell you about the perfect event for knowing more about the healthy skin care ever. Thanks for Moeslema.com and Rubiena Beauty before to take me in this event and get more knowledge about how to treat our skin with the right treatment.
So this event was celebrated in 2018, January 23th in Luminor Hotela Jakarta. It was held by Moeslema.com as the organizer this event. We greeted by lunch and after that we started the event with great description from the Rubiena team to describe what is Rubiena. Rubiena is the local product made in Indonesia who has the international standard as the skin care.

Dr. Catherine Soebroto told us how to treat our skin.

I concluded as Dr. Catherine said that we must do the treatment since early age with the right treatment. She said that bright does not mean we have white skin, all skin colors can be bright. So, Rubiena skin care package is the best solution for us to treat our skin from teens to adults for their daily routine skin care treatment, this product also suitable for all skin types.

Why Must Be Rubiena Skin Care?

1. Non Alcohol
2. Non Artifical Colors
3. Halal
5. ISO Certified Company 9001-2008
6. Good Manifacturing Practice (GMP) Certification)

Why We Should Use Rubiena Skin Care?

Rubiena Skin Care Package for Your Best Skin Treatment.

1. Arbutin
This skin care has the best whitening agent as we called it "Arbutin" from bearberry leaves to reduce the melanin process and black stain. Yor skin looks bright in a short time Moeslemates.
2. Antioksidan
This skin care has the antioksidan from green tea extract to protect your skin from free radicals. This is the important thing for our skin Moeslemates.

Rubiena Products Consist of:

The Cutest Rubiena Skin Care Package.

1. Rubiena Cleansing Lotion
Lotion cleanser that lifts makeup and dirt more leverage so that no blockage occurs in the pores that cause skin problems such as blackheads and others. Makes skin clean and bright.
2. Rubiena Facial Wash Brightening
Gel cleanser helps to remove impurities and dead skin cells. It reduces melanin formation and makes skin look clean and bright.
3. Rubiena Softener Brightening
Softener that can help the absorption the next product perfectly. Removes impurities, and keeps skin moist, softens rough skin and lifts dead skin cells.
4. Rubiena Serum Brightening
Maximizes the moisturizing process, helps disguise spots, other premature aging signs and helps regenerate the skin and works as an anti-oxidant to protect the skin from free radicals.
5. Rubiena Day Moisturizing Gel Brightening SPF 15
Morning moisturizer gel with SPF 15 is easy to absorb, not sticky and feel cool on the skin. It works to brighten and moisturize as well as sunscreen that protects the skin from UV rays and free radicals.
6. Rubiena Night Moisturizing Gel Brightening
Night moisturizer gel with the brighten function, moisturize, prevent the spots occurrence, black spots and slow the premature aging signs.

Thank You Rubiena :)

Me and Rubiena Product.

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See You Next Time Moeslemates.

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Perfect event to know more about the healthy skin care!
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