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5 Fully Remote Part-Time Jobs For You

If you don't relish the idea of going to workplace every day, these 5 fully remote part-time jobs is like dream lifestyle for you!

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Be honest. Who doesn’t like to get hired for fully remote job? The rising popularity of remote work also come with recent studies that have supported the idea of working from home which can increase productivity and decrease stress. Well if you want to find a great job that lets you work from home, here are 5 fully remote part-time job for you!

1. Blogger

Who says blogging can’t be your job? If you enjoy writing, then working as a blogger is a great for you! You can even write about topics that truly matter to you such as fashion or beauty related post. Put your passion into what you write and add some personal opinion or experience. In order to be a blogger, you need to do some prep work and learn the do’s and don’ts.

2. Social Media Officer

Everyone has at least one personal social media account somewhere online and many businesses or brands are also on social media. This is where you come to work in social media jobs as digital marketing being more important in the last 5 - 7 years and this position also often to be done from home.

Companies hire social media officer to handle their accounts Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or other accounts. You need to be updating their accounts regularly with engaging content, responding to questions and moderating offensive comments made on these accounts.

3. Front-end Developer

If you enjoy making delightful interfaces, there are many companies with job opportunities that allow remote work. To land this fully remote part-time jobs, you should have working experiences before. Always remember that remote work options are growing in the tech sectors, just as they are in pretty much every industry.

4. Survey Taker

The internet has granted company a more efficient way to collect data. For marketing research firms, online marketing research is one of the best way to understand their market. So here’s another job for you to participate in online marketing research from home.

Most online surveys pay the participant rewards in the form of goods, gift card, discount, coupons, or samples. But there are also companies who pay cash only and you can withdraw when you have achieved some minimal amount.

5. Direct Salesperson

If you are someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, loads of energy and a love of meeting new people then being a direct salesperson is a perfect job for you. Some companies like Avon or Amway will let you build base of clients. The company will give you sales in commissions and the amount is all depends on the company.

Find the perfect company or brand that fit you and you can apply directly through them or their representative. Some companies require you to do small investment to get started then you can work as much or as little as you want and get the profit based on how much products that you sell.

Finding the remote job that’s right for you seemingly simple, but actually quite complex. Especially if you’ve spent most of your career living the cubicle life because somehow it can be a tricky transition for you. One very important thing we need to remember, if the job is just too good to be true then you have to check twice. The promise that you'll make thousands of bucks a week at home is never the reality.

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