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4 Fully Remote Part-Time Jobs For Mom

If you’re a parent and considering a remote job, here are some of part time jobs for stay at home moms!

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It's never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life. But did you know there are lot of job oppurtunities that allow you to work from home with your kids close by. Many moms have jumped on the work from home because of the flexibility and the chance to spend more time with their kids. 

Well if you’re a parent and you’re considering a remote job, here are some of work at home jobs for stay at home moms:

1. Freelance Writer

If you’ve always been passionate about writing and currently looking for flexible work, being a freelance writer is something you should consider. It’s good for you who have the ability to meet deadlines and strong writing skills. With an infinite number of online publisher, it’s easier for you to get a job. To be a competitive candidate, you’ll need some samples of your published work offline or online. So, what you waiting for? It’s time to develop your portfolio and kickstart the writing career you’ve always dreamed of.

2. Social Media Specialist

Digital marketing being more important in the last 5 - 7 years and being a social media specialist can be of the best work from home jobs. If you have a background in digital marketing and having your own thriving social media presence, this is a great remote opportunity for you. Your role is to manage company’s social media presence include content creation, advertising budget and daily engagement.

But there’s one thing to remember, social media and digital marketing changes really fast so you have to work hard to stay on top of the trends. Of course, it’s a plus if you have a a strong interest in books, reading, and educational technology.

3. Online Tutor

Are you fluent in multiple languages? Or particularly knowledgeable about a certain topic? Then you can consider choosing Online Tutor as your virtual part-time job. It would be great if you learn how to give classes to students before having virtual teaching experience. Choose a tutor with the best rating and those with poor rating. This will help you to see what you should do and shouldn’t do.

Since online tutoring  requires your best professional behavior, make sure you have a part of a room in your house tha use strictly for work. Tutors are typically part time and are paid hourly but even though it sound like fast cash, don’t immediately book tons of classes a day. Always remember to tart small so you have enough time to prepare.

4. Search Engine Evaluator

If you are looking for a little extra cash, you can consider to become a search engine evaluator. This is one of the most popular work at home job out there. Most openings job in this industry earnings around $12 to $15 per hour and it lets you work around your schedule and at your pace.

The best thing about this job is usually they don’t need any special equipment or training. Many openings only require Windows based personal computer and of course high speed internet. You will provide feedback on search engine algorithms, which need to be evaluated by humans because they are often full of errors.  But since this kind of job is project-based, there’s chance your work will dry up and you have to wait for another project.

There are lot of fully remote part-time jobs for mom out there but it’s important to remember that working remote does not mean it all lollipops and rainbows. Add the hustle and bustle of kids and also trained your brain to stay focused throughout the day.

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