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Siap-siap Kedatangan Makeup Edisi Superhero Dari The Face Shop!

Jangan lewatkan make up edisi khusus superhero dari The Face Shop!

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Halo Moeslemates! Kamu salah satu penggemar berat superhero Marvel? Bersiaplah kedatangan lipstik, maskara, eyeshadow dan cushion The Face Shop x Marvel. Superhero yang hadir dalam edisi kali ini adalah Avengers, termasuk Captain America, Iron Man dan juga Spiderman lho! Namun, sayangnya di Indonesia belum bisa dipasarkan. Jadi, kalau kamu berniat membelinya, kamu bisa menitipkan produk The Face Shop x Marvel dengan teman yang akan pergi ke Korea atau mengunjungi beberapa ecommerce online untuk dikirimkan ke Indonesia.

Produk-Produk The Face Shop X Marvel

- 본격! 소장가치 200% 그들이 왔다!✊

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Cushion dan eyeshadow dari The Face Shop X Marvel yang kata mimin officialnya "Asli, otentik 200% dan merupakan koleksi yang bervalue!"

- 남친을 위한 비주얼 甲 꿀피부템! ㄹㅇ실물깡패 #마블콜라보_포맨

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Kalau produk yang satu ini dikhususkan untuk pria ya Moeslemates. Kalau kata mimin officialnya, produk di atas ini cocok dibeliin buat pacar di antaranya adalah Toner, Hydrating Fluid, Fix-On Water Spray, Sun Cream, Sun BB Cream dan Hair Wax.

- 레전설 히어로 컬러하면 이거지! 진짜가 나타났다! #블루 VS 레전드 of 레전드 #레드

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Spiderman VS Iron Man. Mana yang kamu pilih Moeslemates?


Mono Pop Eyes Palette

Mono Pop Eyes Palette in #02 Strong Red 6.8g seharga 20.000 won atau sekitar Rp. 240.000-an ini memiliki 9 warna cantik yang berbeda-beda lho. Kalau produk ini masuk pasar Indonesia, bakalan banyak yang serbu kali ya Moeslemates? Tentunya seperti yang sudah ketahui bahwa produk The Face Shop asal negeri ginseng ini memang cukup terkenal di kalangan anak muda Jakarta. Sayangnya, untuk edisi-edisi khusus seperti Kakao dan Marvel yang satu ini masih sulit untuk terjangkau.

There were two options to choose from with this palette, Captain America (cool toned blue palette) or Iron Man (Warm toned red palette) and you get 9 shades in each palette. The outside of the palette looks like it’s supposed to simulate metal and has the Marvel logo in the middle. All the small details were thought about in this palette. The colors are metallic and glittery with one matte shade in the palette. I absolutely love the protective sheet is a cartoon corresponding to the palette’s superhero! The shadows are very creamy and blend like a dream. You can build up the colors to desired intensity. All of the colors except for the red in the middle are very wearable for day time. The colors stay vibrant and do not crease throughout the day.

The Single Shadows

The Single Shadows come in four different 'jelly' colors, all with metallic finish. Aw! Kiyopta! Masing-masing single shadow ini dibandrol dengan harga 5500 won atau setara dengan Rp. 66.000-an saja lho.

I doubt this product need a big introduction but I’ll do my best! I’m a geek, and I love makeup, so one plus one equals me buying this! I got the single eye shadows rather than eye shadow palette simply because these ones are Jelly shadows (which is something different for The Face Shop) and because I have too many eye shadows already. So I got two as “representatives” to feed my interest!

I chose red and silver because they were the most different. They also have some bronze peach color, and a brown color, all jelly glittery eye shadows.

Metal Lip Color

This is so unique! Metal lip color tersedia 3 warna yaitu red, coral dan pink. Harganya dibandrol sebesar 12.000 won atau sekitar Rp. 142.000-an saja. Menggemaskan ya!

This is a very interesting product from the line the lip applicator is metal and you twist up to get product. This is offered in three colors (red, pink, and coral). This product is very thick and glossy. It has a tiny bit of sparkle and does contain aragon oil in it as well. The glossy part wears off fairly quickly and there is a light stain left on the lips. The formula feels thick like it is very noticeable I am wearing a gloss and it is a bit sticky as expected. The color is very nice it is a reddish coral. The metal tip gets covered in product after each use and has to be cleaned off with a tissue and it is hard to spread product evenly on the lips. This is my least favorite item in the collection.

Nah, itu dia tadi ulasan mengenai produk terbaru edisi Superhero yang dikeluarkan oleh The Face Shop. Bagaimana Moeslemates? Kamu tertarik memilikinya?

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Lidya O.
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Lidya O.
Lidya O.
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