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Rollover Reaction Lip and Cheek Cream Sueded Collection

Another awesome local brand...

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Assalaamu’alaikum Moeslemates,

Perkenalkan, salah satu kosmetik lokal yang kualitasnya premium, Rollover Reaction Lip and Cheek Cream. Koleksi mereka ini pertama kali muncul dalam 5 warna. Bulan Juli lalu, koleksi mereka bertambah satu warna. Produk ini bisa membuatmu tidak perlu touch up biarpun makan makanan berminyak sekalipun...

Sueded Collection

LUCY - Lip and Cheek Cream in vibrant peachy nude

LIZZY - Lip and Cheek Cream in Greyed-out beige

PRUDENCE - Lip and Cheek Cream in a soft nude of brick with creamy mocha undertones

Selain ada dalam 6 warna, produk ini bisa kamu gunakan tidak hanya untuk bibir, tapi juga bisa untuk pipi, bahkan sebagai eyeshadow!

SALLY - Lip and Cheek Cream in dusty mauve pink

SADDIE - Lip and Cheek Cream in a deep tone of soft mauve

Koleksi warna terbaru dari Sueded Collection milik Rollover Reaction, MAXWELL. A warm brick red with a hint of cool blue undertones


Swtach dari 5 warna koleksi pertamanya. Jangan takut moeslemates, hasil polesan dari Maxwell juga tidak akan mngecewakanmu loh.

What they said?

#RolloverReaction came up with these 5 beautiful natural shade.
I would say, this liquid lipstick is da bomb! I really love the pigmentation (one swipe is enough to cover), the texture is really smooth, and it's long lasting. We can use it as a blush too!❤️❤️❤️
- Lizzy : this is a nude brown color with a tinted of grey. It might washed you out but it would be so pretty if you paired it with dark smokey eyes.
- Lucy : nude peach color (but more on the orangey side). This might be not suit for everyone's skin tone so I usually mix it with other color, but still a pretty color though.😚
- Sally : it's the perfect nude pink for me! This color is so calm and sweet, very soft and delicate🌸 It can be paired with any looks you want!
- Saddie : this is my FAVE color from the whole collection!! It's a dusty rose color with a touch of mauve. Not too light, not too dark, not too pink, not too purple. This. Just. Perfect.😍
- Prudence : another my fave color, a pretty orangey soft brown color.💋
Tried mixing @rollover.reaction Sueded Lizzy & Prudence together 💄 I must say I'm in love with the result and it felt good on the lips ♥️ Another must-have local product 👍🏻 #GetSueded #RolloverReaction #Indonesia
Oh you are here at last, Prudence!
I've been curious about this lip and cheek cream since their launch, but got distracted by another lips and they are sold out also, anyway I finally get it!
It has warm brown-is red brick tone, for me it slightly has peach tone.
The formula is good, non-transfer, light, matte, and perfect for your daily wear.
And finally I have nude shades which don't make me looks pale.

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Official Moeslema Team
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Official Moeslema Team
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