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Rangkaian Bunga Untuk Setiap Kesempatan Istimewa Dari Flowers by ILO

Yuk tengok produk-produk florist lokal yang satu ini! Pasti bikin kamu jatuh hati!

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Dari sekian banyak florist lokal yang ada di Jakarta, ada satu yang paling menarik perhatian aku. Namanya Flowers by ILO.

Our name derives from the Finnish world /ilo/ that means joy, pleasure and delight – as we do wish to share with you all of those emotions through the often overlooked sight of honest, pretty flowers.

Flowers, throughout ages has been the epitome of showing and sharing joy between loved ones, a powerful act that we would like to retain. We believe that the joy flower brings are attached to them from the moment they blossom at the fields, when we arrange them in our studio, to the moment someone receives it with a bright, wide, smile. We like the feeling of excitement it gives, and we would like to share it with people alike.

All of our bouquets are personally arranged, with fresh, vibrant blooms that come from the hard-working hands of our local farmers. We wish to scatter the universal feeling of joy, going beyond all the love and greeting notes that usually come along with flowers.

Produk dari Flowers by ILO

Poised White

The epitome of an elegant bouquet with pure white florets and a touch of green ruskus.

Arranged with : Oriental Lily, Dendrobium, Chrysanthemum, Ruskus.

Ideal for: Graceful characters and sophisticated celebrations.

Regular: IDR 460,000/ Large: IDR 600,000


We named this bouquet Naoko, naturally, looking at its shy and fragile appearance, yet very pretty still, and calming nevertheless. Murakami’s Norwegian Wood leads its own pack of fans, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from being one!

Arranged with: Baby breath, Hydrangea, Agapanthus, Mix Orchids.

IDR 500,000

Little My!

Oh what better than spending the day playing with the Moomins? She prefers to not sleep, being the mischievous, aggressive, brash girl that she is but the best of best friend when she wants to.

Arranged with: alstromeria, tulip, rose, chrysanthemum, silver dust, berries, and a mix of green foliages.

IDR 670.000


The girl by the window is not as quiet as initially thought. She looks at the world from an innocent point of view but naughty as a little child can be, she is fun loving and pampered child.

Arranged with: eucalyptus, tuberose, red rose, alstromeria, james story orchid, wild berries, monstera, brassica.

IDR 700.000


Not only beautiful, and seemingly loving, it is also mature and flawful, in the best possible way. Just like Fermina Daza, who happens to be our muse while creating this bunch.

Arrange with: Golden Rod, Chrysanthemum, Silver Dust, Mix Orchids, Violet Statice.

IDR 440,000

Lucy (peanuts)

“ I am a positive force, I make the world a better place! ”

Ambitious and unstoppable, nevertheless sweet, Lucy drives you through her aspirations. Although often considered bossy, she manages to keep things intact and stands clear as the girl with an opinion. A fellow #girlboss we’d say.

Arranged with: Succulent, tuberose, chrysanthemum balls, brassica, monstera, mixed foliages.

IDR 690.000


This adventurous, brave, yet wise-looking bouquet takes after Matoaka, the compassionate girl explorer we all know by the name of Pocahontas. An ode to all the modern day warriors out there.

Arranged with: Peach rose, Yellow Calla Lilies, Violet Dendrobiums, Alstromerias, Wild twigs.

IDR 600,000

Vivid Garden

A colorful mix of the perkiest flowers available. Surprise in the best of forms.

Arranged with: Dendrobium, Gerbera, Chrysanthemum, Mum Daisies, Snapdragon, Golden Rod, Ruskus.

Ideal for: The sassy-natured being, and out-of nowhere events!

Regular: IDR 420,000/ Large: IDR 532,000

Honeysuckle Pink

Pretty and playful, seemingly calm, yet it emits youthful energy.

Arrange with: Carnations, Mum Daisies, Gerbera, Snapdragon, Chrysanthemum, Golden Rod, Ruskus.

Ideal for: The frisky-nonchalant person you want to hang around with all day.

Regular: IDR 340,000/ Large: IDR 456,000

Nggak sabar untuk pesan bunga kesukaan kamu? Hmm, bagaimana cara pesannya ya?

1. Pesan langsung ke www.flowersbyilo.com

1. Pilih rangkaian bunga yang ada di katalog Flowers by ILO, atau costumize sesuai keinginan kamu. Jangan lupa, pastikan kamu melakukan order minimal 2x24 jam sebelum hari istimewa kamu!

2. Pilih ukuran rangkaian bunga yang kamu inginkan, regular atau large.

3. Isi order form, kemudian kamu akan mendapat invoice dan detail mengenai transfer. Setelah melakukan pembayaran, rangkaian bunga kamu akan segera diproses!

2. Beli di www.bobobobo.com

Selain dari official website Flowers by ILO, kamu juga bisa pesan rangkaian bunga yang kamu mau di www.bobobobo.com !

Petunjuk Perawatan

Nggak mau donk bunga cantik yang kita dapatkan cuma bertahan sebentar? Yuk ikuti petunjuk perawatan dari Flowers by ILO supaya bunga kamu bisa tahan lama!

1. Buang daun-daun yang ada pada tangkai bunga karena dapat menyebabkan umur bunga menjadi pendek.

2. Potong ujung tangkai bunga dengan kemiringan 45‎°. Hal ini membuat bunga bisa menyerap air secara maksimal.

Airin Karima Ahmad
Airin Karima Ahmad
Graphic designer
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Airin Karima Ahmad
Airin Karima Ahmad
Graphic designer

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