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Review Polka Beauty Matteness Lip Lacquer

Been heard a lot of positive review about a new local beauty brand, Polka Beauty Matteness Lip Lacquer from Polka Cosmetics and finally Moeslema team gave me a chance to review one of Polka's Lip Lacquer shades in Tambourine. Aren't you curious about this product? Please keep on reading!

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The Shades

Before we jump to the review, here are the four shades of Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer which captured by beauty blogger, Jean Milka (http://www.jeanmilka.com/)

'Tambourine' shade

'Maraccas' shade

'Jingle Giggle' shade

'Get in the Swing' shade

What It Claims

Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer is liquid lip color with matte finish, have long lasting effect with longer and stronger power coverage in compare to ordinary matte lipstick. Your beautiful lips still retain in moisture, comfortable and not dry. Formulated by international team with experienced manufacturing for more than 40 years in decorative cosmetics industry.


Though Polka claims it has a matte-finish, seems like it doesn't completely matte on my lips. I can still feel a velvety texture after applying the lipstick for about 30 minutes (yes, it takes THAT long to set). Even after passed 30 minutes, the lipstick still transfer to tissue or glass. If you're looking for a transfer-proof lipstick, this surely won't be your favorite. I think it has similar texture with Maybelline Vivid Matte and Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, which doesn't matte at all. The Maybelline one even has a 'glossy' or 'watery' finish instead of matte.

One more thing, Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer was not long-lasting at all. I ate 'Soto Ayam' after applied the lipstick for around 1 hour and it was almost completely gone, only remain on the edge part of my lips. I didn't even ate something that oily, but the staying power was disappointing. But, one thing that I fond of this lipstick is it does moisturized my lips. I have a very dry lips, so yes I was quiet surprised by how moisturizing the formula is.

So, will I repurchase Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer?
I am very sorry to all Polka fans but I have to say no. Here are my reasons: First, Polka has very few color range, so there are not many choices. Second, it's pricey. Since, there are a lot of brands out there which has the same (even better) quality with better offer, regretfully I have to scratch Polka out of my list. I have a very tight budget for beauty products, so price does matter to me :D

Despite all of my cons to this product, I'm very proud of the quality improvement of local cosmetics. Indonesia already have many choices of local beauty products with great quality, whether from big or home industries. Yes, I'm a proud citizen indeed!

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Melissa Ayu Permatasari
Melissa Ayu Permatasari
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Melissa Ayu Permatasari
Melissa Ayu Permatasari
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