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Review Film X-Men "Apocalypse" (2016)

Imagine the world will be ended!

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Assalamualaikum Moeslemates,

Hai Moeslemates,

Today I will review "X-men Apocalypse" Movies (2016). This film is about the first mutant, the strongest in the world, namely, En Sabah Nur. The strength of which is owned by En Sabah Nur that he could constantly alive by moving consciousness into the body of the new mutants. Not only that, it also can absorb the powers of mutants entered into mutant's body with the power of infinity.

En Sabah Nur

When the transfer of consciousness into the body of a mutant's new in ancient Egypt as "The Four Horsemen" which is an accomplice En Sabah Nur, guards the pyramids of Egypt seek their false gods and knocked down the pyramid, En Sabarh Nur buried in the pyramid for so ever. En Sabah Nur bounce backed after thousands of years precisely in 1983.

Charles Xavier in Apocalypse.

The first mutant presence known by a CIA agent Moira MacTaggert. It is known also by one of the younger pupils in the school belonging to Charles Xavier, Jean Grey, where she gets nightmares or visions of the future earth devastated by the apocalypse was near.

En Sabah Nur wants to conquer the world by eliminating the normal people and make the world a life for place mutants that are under their command. The Four Horsemen were an accomplice En Sabah Nur throughout the film.

Source: screenrant.com

Jean Grey

When transferring the consciousness to Charles Xavier's what caused the professor's hair into a bald, then at the end of the story Jean, who is a mutant telepath and a magnitude level 5 (the highest level) to release everything in its power to destroy En Sabah Nur along the X-men.

X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer [HD]

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