The Story of Us

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So, what is Moeslema? Moeslema began in 2014 when a group of colleague got together and began discussing their ideas to build a platform for Muslim women and improve their lives. In November 2015, Moeslema.com has been developed as a social blogging platform for Muslim women to deliver their aspiration and creativity through writing.

Entering 2016, Moeslema.com became a user-generated writing platform that allows Muslim women to write and publish. As we strive to add more value in every step of our journey, we also build our community, Moeslemates and held workshops and empowered them to crafts the better and relevant content for others. As 2017 draws to a close, Moeslema.com become a website with over 1 million visitors every month.

Starting in 2018, Moeslema is doing adjustable by adopting new technology called artificial intelligence. In the years that followed, we developed Moeslema mobile apps with skin analyzer and personalized product recommendation. Think of Moeslema as an app of wizards, working magic every day to transform the complexity to find out which beauty product that specifically suitable for your skin and your needs into simple experiences you look forward to having.

The following year, in 2019, we launched a beta version of Moeslema apps with skin analyzer powered by Artificial Intelligence. The user could get personalized beauty products to solve their skin problem just by using Moeslema app. That same year, our apps' users increased with a total of 7K downloader in just 5 months after beta launch.

More users, more responsibility and we became even more determined to keep going as our mission to become the most accurate skin solutions and halal lifestyle apps that can be used by Muslim women all over the world to make their life easier and happier. More than that, we hope to provide a lifeline to those that have been dealing with their skin for years or simply seeking guidance to get committed on skincare routine.

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Beauty Solution


Moeslema recommends the best ingredient for you, based on your skin type and conditions.
We also curated the products that suitable to your needs.

Directly check the review on product you would like to try out the most!

AI Scan

Moeslema analyzes your skin's condition with advanced artificial intelligence technology.
You can assess your skin problem such as acne, dark spot, wrinkle and comedo through just a selfie.
You could also check your overall score, skin age and tailor your skincare routine based on your results and bring out the beauty in you.

Beauty Dashboard

Our skin prefers a balance of humid and arid climates.
When heat and humidity combine, the effects may show to your skin as the moisturizing level is decrease.
Moeslema provide personalized tips to keep you looking put-together and maintain a flawless look.

How To Use Moeslema


1. Download Moeslema Apps

2. Take a Selfie


2. Take a Selfie


3. Get Skin Analysis Result

4. Personalized Beauty Solution


4. Personalized Beauty Solution


5. Build Your Beauty Routine